Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire and water damage restoration companies, fire damage services,

Fire and water damage restoration companies, fire damage services,

Are Smoke Detectors Important, for your Commercial and Residential Property? 

Yes, they are, as Fires and Smoke, can occur at any time 

Smoke Detector Safety, has 4 most important factors:
1) Test EACH individual Smoke Detector Monthly to make sure they are operating correctly.
2) Check the Expiration Date of the Batteries, replace if required.
3) Check the Expiration Date of the Smoke Detector itself. Yes, they do Expire!
4) Placement of Smoke Detectors in all Living Spaces and Cooking, Heating and Appliance Areas.

The Attached pictures, were taken during Spring 2021.
An electrical Malfunction occurred. 

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Elk Township House Fire

We were contacted after our customer had a small fire in their basement. Fine soot was throughout the 95% finished basement. This picture is of the unfinished storage room were many soot webs formed and the insulation was exposed. In this case, it was necessary to remove and replace the insulation to eliminate the smoke smell.

Sicklerville House Fire

A building fire, residential or commercial, is typically the most expensive type of damage to your property. The extensive cleaning required takes many man hours to complete. One of the steps in most fire cleaning damages is a duct cleaning. This picture is of a duct that is coated in soot.

Particle Ionization

This pictures is of a bathroom wall in a home that recently had a puff back. A puff back is when the heating oil burner does not ignite properly and the oil fumes are able to buildup and then cause a small explosion when it ignites. Once this happens, soot and smoke can travel through the HVAC vents causing damage to multiple rooms. That was the case in this fire damage, and there was an oily soot film on the contents in every room in the house. In this picture, you can see black circles and lines on the drywall. These darker marks are caused by particle ionization. The metal nail heads holding the drywall to the studs are still magnitized and attract the ionized smoke particles to land in a ring around them. Acting quickly and having the walls and ceiling cleaned properly often reduces the need for paintwork.

Sicklerville House Fire

This picture is of a dining room after a fire damage in a Gloucester Township home. This was a small fire, but it produced smoke damage in every room. In this picture you can see the outline of where a wall hanging was and the nails and studs in the wall because of particle ionization.

Collingswood House Fire

This fire damage started on an outside front porch and burned the front rooms of this home in Collingswood. The plaster needed to be removed so the wood frame structure could be thoroughly cleaned and sealed before restoring the property.

Blackwood Fire Damage

We were contacted by the insurance company after a local resident had a house fire. The fire occurred just 3 days before Christmas. Luckily, everyone was able to get out, but there was excessive damage and soot on everything the homeowners owned. During our initial walk through, we asked if certain items needed extra care and this image is a momentum of the couple’s engagement that we were able to clean and return to them.